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One of the great attractions of thatch is that is extremely thermally and energy efficient. While it may seem strange to term a roof 'energy efficient', thatch is just that.

In recent years, with environmental awareness growing, more importance has been placed on home insulation - but few modern building materials insulate as well as age-old thatch.

On cold winter days, a thatched roof can help keep your home warm. In summer, thatch will help keep the property cool.

Despite this high level of insulation, thatched roofs don't require loft ventilation.

Thatch also has very good resistance to wind damage when applied correctly, in fact, in high winds, a well-constructed thatch roof will likely fair much better than its slate counterparts.

Thatch is a versatile material when it comes to covering irregular roof structures which helps simplify even the most dynamic areas.

Thatch is constructed from natural crops. It doesn't need to be mined or quarried, is wholly sustainable and creates no wastage.

Good thatch will not require frequent maintenance at all.


Will a thatched building hold its value?

Yes! Homes or Restaurants for example with thatched roofs command a higher selling price than similar ones with tile or slate.

Thatch is also very effective in the commercialized industries such as restaurants, hotels, pubs, and retail shops. Especially if you're trying to tempt passer by's into your commercial establishment, as thatch exerts influence more convincingly than neon.

Does my thatch roof need attention?

It is generally a good idea to look closely at or examine your thatched roof at least once a year. By so doing you may find trivial problems which are easily rectified, escaping the need for more expensive repairs at a later stage.

Will I need a complete re-thatching done?

Even if a roof has suffered extensive or severe damages, it may not be necessary to undergo a complete re-thatching. It is often possible to remove the affected material and build up the roof again with new thatch.

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